The purpose of these contract is to establish the respective obligations between the owner and the client in their contractual relations relating to the sale of individual stays. Each booking involves the full implementation by the customer and its full membership to the contract and its terms of sale over any other document, unless prior written agreement with the owner or his representative.
These general conditions apply to all customers.  

ARTICLE 1:  Booking and PaymentOPTIONS

An individual reservation can be firm and final only when the full balance is paid.

Extras services will be paid by cash on arrival.

For safety reasons, the number of people in accommodation will not exceed the number of people mentioned in the reservation. Any additional person, not reported to the owner, will engender additional charges per person and per night and may be considered a reason to terminate the contract without refund.

ARTICLE 2 : Transport

The owner or his representative is not responsible if the client cannot reach the place of the rental villa or apartment regardless of the cause. No refunds will be made. In case your transportation in cancelled due to force majeure (terrorist attack, volcano, war, civil war, natural disaster, etc. ..), please get back to your insurance companies.

ARTICLE 3: Deposit

The amount of the deposit and terms depends on the rented property and are written in the contract. The deposit will be paid by cash on arrival. The days of taking possession of the property, the client must give to the owner the full amount of the deposit as written in the specific conditions. This deposit will be refunded after the end of the stay, in the shortest possible time, and later, a month after the end of the stay. The deduction of amounts that may be due to the owner either for cleaning costs*, either to replace missing or damaged objects, either for the damage to the rented property.

*A final stay cleaning package is included in the rental fee. If the property is too dirty and requires more time to be cleaned-up, the rate charged will be 65€ for cleaning. This amount will be charged on the deposit.
The client will have to notify the owner of any damage or breakage which happened during his stay.

ARTICLE 4 : Inside rules

An inside rules is present in each apartment or villa. We ask you to read it and to respect it. It will help you to take some precautions to avoid possible inconvenience. We remind you the owner or his representative is not responsible if one of you forget their personal belongings inside the apartment or villa during the check out.

ARTICLE 5 : Inventory

The quality, the good condition of the property and the equipment level of the villas and apartments rented require the acceptance by the lessee of the principle of good faith and honesty. The client must respect the places and behave like a “good father”. Once arrived in the property, the owner must make the usual checks on the general state of the leased property. An inventory will be available in the villa or apartment when we will give you the keys. They will be considered valid if the client didn’t write anything to the owner within 24 hours after getting the keys of the property. The villa or apartment will be completely checked after the departure of the client.

ARTICLE 6: Responsibility of the owner or his representative.

The owner shall:

Deliver to the client a property and furniture free of defects, as written in the inventory, maintain the villas and apartments in good rental condition; give back the deposit, except to retain the amount that the client should have to pay to the owner in case of damages, loss, etc. The owner or his representative are not responsible for the acts and actions committed by the client or a guest in the villa or apartment. The owner or his representative cannot be responsible for either mechanical failure of any rental equipment or in the common parts, for instance: gates, heating, TV Channels, spa, home appliances, etc…. nor a problem with public utilities such as electricity, water, gas or TV network. No financial compensation can be claimed. The owner or his representative shall not be held responsible for the following: various accidents, injuries, death, loss, theft, all work sites, and various events from private or public authority in the direct neighborhood and sustained during the rental period in one of our villas or apartments, all additional expenses due to delays or changes in transportation, all indebtedness of the customer, weather condition, danger from the lake, fire, various strikes, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, civil unrest, war, epidemics or quarantine.

ARTICLE 7: The responsibility of the client

The client obligation is:

•   To use peacefully the rented property
•   do nothing, by his fault or by someone living in the rented property fault, that can disturb the peace of neighbors or other occupants (noise, smells, smoke, etc…).
•   to refrain from throwing objects likely to block the drains and other plumbing fixtures, otherwise it will be liable for costs incurred for re-commissioning of the equipment
•   to use equipment and materials left at his disposal in strict accordance with their term of use
•   to respond to damage and losses during its occupation

•   to vacate the villa or apartment the last day of rental and return them in the state in which he took.

The client is prohibited:
•    To substitute any person whatsoever, or sublet, even for free, the leased premises without written agreement of the owner;
•    To introduce any animal without the written consent of the owner
•    To provide furniture and furnishings other than laundry and common objects needed for his stay;
•    To change the arrangement of furniture and places;
•    To move or exchange furniture and furnishings;
•    To put anything on the walls
•    To organize parties in the lease. Unacceptable behavior will result of immediate expulsion of the client from the property, without any financial compensation can be claimed. The people renting villas or apartments use at their own risk elements available to them (such as swimming-pool, barbecue, plancha, etc. …). The owner or his representative is not responsible for accidents or injuries incurred during their use. All minors (under 18) are under the responsibility of accompanying adults. The access of minors to the swimming-pool can only be done under the supervision and responsibility of parents. Swimming is not supervised. For the personal safety of customers and respect for all, The owner or his representative forbids the entrance in the property of people offering illegal activities or illegal drugs.

ARTICLE 8: Loss, theft and damage

The client agrees to take care of furniture, household appliances, decorative objects, floors, walls, outdoor and all that can hold property. The client is responsible for any damage or loss caused by himself or one of his friends or family and will be obliged to pay back. The client must give back the villa or apartment without any degradation. Furthermore, additional comfort material provided (towels, pillows, remote controls, hangers, drapery …) must be fully returned. The owner or his representative cannot be held responsible for loss, theft or damage of personal belongings in the villas and apartment and in parking lots. The client must take the usual precautions (close windows, doors, etc …) when he is not in the villa or apartment or during the night.

ARTICLE 9: Booking cancellation by the company

If cancelation is due to the The owner or his representative, you will get an immediate refund of the amount already paid. The booking contract could be cancelled by The owner or his representative, without paying any financial compensation to the client. If in case of force majeure or any other causes not attributable to the company, the villas or apartments cannot be occupied by the client, the owner will try to propose another accommodation of superior or equal quality.

ARTICLE 10: Booking cancellation by the client

This contract may be canceled only by a written request sent by email or by post, made previously, validated and signed by The owner or his representative. The effective date of cancellation taken into account is the date when we receive your email. A cancellation by you can be registered, if and only if it satisfies the following conditions:
– If a cancellation is registered more than 30 days prior to the arrival date, the deposit paid in euros on booking will be retain,
– If a cancellation is registered less than 30 days prior to the arrival date The owner or his representative will retain the full rental price. No refund or compensation will be made in case of anticipated departure of the property regardless of the cause.

ARTICLE 11: Modification

If your request a change in the dates of your stay, we will consider the change of booking dates as a cancellation if we were not able to give you satisfaction.

ARTICLE 12: Arrival and departure time

We ask you to send us an email or call us during the week before your arrival to tell us your approximate arrival time. We will give you the keys from 2:00pm on arrival day. The keys must be given back at maximum 12:00am the day of departure. If it is not the case, an extra night will be charged.

ARTICLE 13: Pictures

The pictures found on the website cannot be used without The owner or his representative’s permission, under law penalty. Pictures are not contractual.

ARTICLE 14: Tobacco

Villas and apartment are non-smoking. According to Cyprus law, smoking is prohibited within the villas or apartments, in any rooms. If this rule is violated, one additional night will be charged, as compensation for the failure to offer to rent of the villa or apartment the following night, according to the sanitation procedure.

ARTICLE 15: Animals

Small pets are allowed in the property ONLY on request (additional charges may apply).

 ARTICLE 16: Language

You cannot require from The owner or his representative to talk to you in another language than Greek and English.

ARTICLE 17: Validity and modification of terms of sale

These terms of sale are effective from the 1st of January 2020 and for an unlimited period. Nevertheless, The owner or his representative reserves the right to change them without notice. By definition, the conditions applying during the stay of the customer are those prevailing at the time of signing the contract.